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  • some of them are people like me who was forced to accept inescapable student loan debt (created by biden in 2005) due to don’t ask don’t tell blocking gays from getting the gi bill (supported by biden in 1993); couldn’t sponsor their life partner to allow them to stay in this country because biden et al. voted for doma in 1996; denied jobs because because biden advocated for the same thing executive order 10450 did until 2012; will lose a new job because of biden’s support for banning tiktok in january of 2025; and can’t get a new gig job because biden is blocking truly affordable EV’s from this country for the foreseeable future.

    it’s got nothing to do with project 2025 nor trump being a giant douchebag; it’s about trying to convince myself to vote for someone with a conservative history that has and will fuck up my life and then pretending that he’s the most progressive president ever just to get votes while simultaneously enabling genocide’s, apartheid’s and segregationists as biden has done several times over in the last 51 years.

    i need a reason to vote for him because; no matter how shitty trump or how badly he wants to steamroll over minorities (which biden has already done), he’s never fucked with my life to anywhere near the extent that biden has and i survived most of those 51 years at a time when both parties, plus moderates, plus family wanted to lock people like me up and throw away the key, so project 2025 doesn’t scare me and trump doesn’t have enough time to screw with my life to the same extent that biden did to people like me in one more term.

  • looking at how the article presents its story makes me skeptical because the numbers from the article’s sources say that biden only has 33% support in the senate and 36% in the house, but the article presents it in a way that makes it sound more like 50/50.

    if you analyze the sources along with the article you’ll read that, democrats are split into roughly equal number of 3 camps in the senate and a little bit more lopsided in the house in favor of biden; they are 1) concerned about biden or biden should step down 2) neutral and 3) biden should keep going.

    the more liberal democrats; according to DW-NOMINATE; remain with biden while the more conservative democrats have either called for his resignation, have doubts, or are staying neutral with more of the conservative democrat’s positions being vulnerable to replacement by republicans than the liberal democrats positions in this election cycle.

    and black voters are once again his biggest base of support, as they were in the 2020 election despite trump’s gains with that block since then.

  • His cabinet has a progressive lean

    is there any evidence of this? i hope it’s true, but given that they can’t seem change his mind on genocide; nor affordable green energy products; nor reducing oil production makes me wonder if it matters.

    where they also there when biden voted against gay marriage or supported bans on lgbtq in federal service or spearheaded inescapable student loan debt or supported segregationists?

  • i did IT for a long time and the ability to program becomes a necessary evil once you reach a certain point. that coupled with the covid shortages led me to becoming a software developer.

    it looks like the employment landscape is undergoing a dramatic shift again. i’m being forced to find a new job thanks to biden and developer jobs in my area dramatically fewer and insanely fiercely competitive; nothing at all like it was like during covid.