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  • As an added layer of security, you can set the phone to self-destruct by going to Settings > FaceID & Passcode > Erase Data. If someone enters the incorrect passcode more than 10 times, the phone will erase itself. Assuming a 6 digit passcode, there are 1 million possible combinations. An attacker would have an effective 1 in 100,000 chance (.001%) of guessing your passcode correctly

  • Personally I like the way that this is implemented; makes it easy to download hidden media files onto my Mac. Anyways, if you’re worried about nudes/pr0n being seen by unauthorized parties, I wouldn’t recommend stashing them in your photos library anyways. There are vault-type apps in the App Store that masquerade as note/calculator apps (Calculator# comes to mind) which are more suited to addressing OP’s use case.

  • Assuming you’re referring to Apple Store credit, I’ve run into this exact scenario before in a somewhat related way. Accidentally claimed a gift card I meant to send to someone else (be careful with that redeem button in the email lol, it’ll instantly apply the balance to your account with one click, so don’t fat finger it like me 🥲). Apple support wouldn’t (or couldn’t) undo that action. In other words, it’s a one way street. Once the credits enter your account, they can’t be used anywhere other than the Apple Store/icloud/App Store/etc