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  • I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree. To use your example, if my neighbor was smoking in a place that it was stinking up my bedroom, and I asked them to stop doing it there, and they were like “nah I like it here” I’d consider them a huge asshole. Just do it over there not by my bedroom or something.

    Telling them they can’t smoke in their own home, or can’t ride public transit after smoking is ridiculous.

    One confounding issue here is that fireworks affect a pretty big area. The whole neighborhood is probably going to hear them.

    So does the smell of weed. That was a hypothetical example as luckily my neighbors don’t smoke, but my grandparents neighbors do, and it stinks up the car whenever I drive past that whole block- so it definitely is something that effects a large part of the neighborhood.

    I’ve known people who live out in the woods that are big on “I do what I want on my property!”

    I live in a city, I had an argument with my partner last night because he was against getting a fire alarm(not mandated in our country) because it could wake up the neighbors at night. Which I believe is a totally acceptable cost, but he does not.

  • Regardless, if one side was like “That’s really annoying to me, could you not please?” responding with “womp womp” is extremely rude and selfish.

    It is narcissistic of me to assume something annoying me should influence the behavior of strangers, and get them to stop doing something. A lot of things annoy me, and I’m all for criticizing and complaining about them(I do that a lot)- but someone not caring about my complaints and continuing to do what they enjoy is their right, and they aren’t a bad person for not caring that it annoys me.

    I’m sensitive to smells, we all recognize how unreasonable it would be for me to demand my neighbors don’t smoke weed because it bothers me at home, or I can smell cigarettes on the bus. Similarly, yes demanding people stop doing something they enjoy with their family because you have to wear headphones for a couple hours once or twice a year is something that I want to say “Womp womp” to